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Nursery on the Green has been a vital community resource for the past twenty-four years, providing a range tailored child care services to enable people take up various forms of employment or study. Providing work placement opportunities to the long term unemployed and students, volunteering, apprenticeship and training opportunities within the community. We are a reliable professional organisation who is passionate about caring, educating and providing strong foundations for all the children in our care.

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Nursery on the Green believes in high quality childcare together with an excellent service in Early Years provision, our customer care is paramount in all that we do and are one of our essential principles that helps us to turn our visions into reality.

We focus on meeting the individual needs of the child, and celebrate when we add value.

Children need to be encouraged, supported, valued, and stimulated, to reach their full potential in a positive environment, and in a rapidly changing world.
What you get at Nursery on the Green is a place where it is fun to learn, safe to play, and opportunity to socialise and develop the foundations of life.

We include the following in our nursery objectives

1Continue to improve and enhance our services to achieve the best
Professional practice

2 Demonstrate value for money through excellent service

3To encourage partnership and participation of parent /carer

4To provide training and career development for all staff to ensure high standard
of professional practice

If we all do our best, we can achieve the above together.

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The Aims and Objectives of Nursery on the Green are:

1. To provide an atmosphere where the child and parent/carer is happy and
Comfortable at all times.

2. To create a caring, safe and stimulating environment for all children in our care.

3. To actively promote the development of positive self-image within the

4. To work in partnership with all parent/carers in an honest and open way.

5. To encourage parent/carers to visit the Nursery at any time.

6. To encourage the participation of parents/carers in all aspects of the Nursery.

7. To provide appropriate toys, books and games to encourage equal opportunity
for both sexes, and to create a non-sexiest atmosphere.

8. To provide support/assistance for special needs children.

9. A key person system will be in place, and will monitor your child’s progress.

10. To eliminate racism throughout its whole structure by
(a) Welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policies and practice of the
(b) Providing positive images of ethnic minorities and culture, e.g. posters,
toys, food, clothing, festivals.

11. To develop strong links with agencies and maintain them in order for them to
recognise our professionalism.

12. We aim to become shared carers and we feel that by implementing four
monthly development checks and a yearly review, you can monitor your child

13 To have an involvement with the local community.

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