Children at Nursery On The Green are always excited to get involved in a range of daily activities. We provide a variety of options for all types of interests, and encourage children to find the best fit for them.

Nursery on the Green

Early Years Learning

To meet the resourcing for the children‘s learning and development, we have set up numerous areas for activities. These include: malleable area, small world, book corner, mathematics area, communication language and literacy corner, ICT, knowledge and understanding of the world, construction, creative, home corner, music and listening. We also provide sand and water trays and role play areas for further exploration.

Nursery on the Green

Get Creative

We plan for our Children‘s day, in advance, according to the observations we have made on them.


All staff contribute to the planning for their key children with ideas and focussed activities and this is then built into the planning for the children‘s next stage of learning and development goals.


Get Active

To meet the needs of children‘s physical development, in addition to our own garden area, we also have access to the impressive gardens of the nursery, which we put to good use.

Find below our Long Term Planning and Curriculum Overview 2021/22